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I have always been an animal person, from the day I could walk and talk, I loved animals. Some of my earliest memories revolved around our old family mutt or the inbred barn cat we had when I was six. Around the age of eight I asked for my own dog (by then our mutt had passed of old age)- It was a no. My mother wasn’t really a dog person so she got me a cat. I loved that cat but I still begged and begged for a dog. It took me three long years of begging before she gave in. It wasn’t like most stories where the mother found a litter of puppies at the local supermarket or browsed shelters for a new friend. Nope! We were visiting a relative one August morning and we walked into her house to see a lovely group of puppies- Just fourteen weeks old! Turns out the neighbor’s dog had gone into heat and my aunt’s husky decided to pay her a visit. Well, one thing led to another and I held up a little furry wiggling puppy and gave those all too well known sad eyes to my mother who ultimately gave in. Who , after-all, could resist the two different shades of blue eyes and little puppy bellied fluff ball of a husky mutt? This little mutt became known as Chinook (I wanted a strong, unique name for my very own puppy). His name was amazing and I only forgot it twice! Now, around the time Chinook was two he started settling down enough that another puppy seemed like more than just a dream. Well, I was infatuated with huskies. Their blue eyes and shiny beautiful coats and their talking. My mom agreed- under one condition- We had to move first. So that’s what we did. We moved out and bought a puppy to go with our new house. This was Whisper. She was a black and white, blue eyed, purebred husky. I was enamored. After a couple months with Whisper I started researching breeding. Well I learned so much that I even decided I wanted to try it. But, there was one catch- I had to do health checks that would be able to be done until she was 12-24 months old! Now, that was just so much time to wait. But I waited, and I still am. Miss Whisper is now 23 months old and will be bred for the first time later this year. Her eyes and hips will be completed by then and I expect nothing less than great from her. Since we got Whisper we’ve also bought a young male puppy to show and breed once he’s older. His name is Cinder. After the addition of Cinder to our home, we added his full sister Aurora to be part of our team and breeding program.

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