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This is some helpful information about what I have learned from our own huskies and hopefully this will
help you in deciding if the Husky is the right breed to add to your family. The Siberian Husky is a very
beautiful dog breed. They are known for theire beautiful piercing blue eyes. They come in a ton of differant
colors, the most common being the Black and white. They have all differant kind of markings.They also do
not just have there blue eyes. They can have green, brown, or have bye eyes this is actually very common
one eye one color and the other blue.They shed theire coats twice a year and they shed a bunch and be
prepared for it too last a few weeks even if you are brushing daily. They will look differant twice a year as
well they may be black and white part of the year and the other part black and white with a tint of red in the
coat as well. They keep themsleves fairly cleaned and groomed it is really not necassary to take them to the
vet but you should brush them weekly. Their coat lengths vary as well they can be short haired, med. long
and woolie coated too. They have very sensative stomachs they need to be kept on a steady diet and never
given table scraps of any kind. or they will have diareah.They should not be over fed either as this could
cause hip dysplasia. They love to run and are very very smart they should always be kept on a leash while
running them or walking them. And they have to have a secure fenced in area that is there own the area
should be at least 6 foot high and made to where they cannot dig out of from underneath.

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