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Sierra’s Hope was named after our first Siberian Husky shown all over our site. This little girl made a profound impact on everyone that met her. Never, a growl or bark… even while people entered or maybe even knocked on the door. Being accustomed to German Shepherds, this was a real treat, altough not much of a deterence for a thief breaking in. Thankfully that never happened. She made her mark on people by showing an abundance of love for anyone and loyalty to those around her.

Although we are new to breeding and are both employed full-time, our motives for entering the breeding community are not commercialism nor profit. Instead, it is about breed enhancement while offering people beautiful specimens that can still work; something that many of todays Huskies are not accustomed to. We do not plan to breed for looks, instead we will choose health then endurance and lastly looks; we do intend to produce puppies that meet virtually every metric of the breed standard specified by the Canadian Kennel Club.

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