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Husky Breeders Shows in Austria

Maruso's Chow Chows

All about our great love: The Chow Chow! … with a lot of pics …

Padma Sambhava Lhasa Apso

Informative Lhasa Apso breed page, all about the Lhasa Apso, origin, character, grooming, puppies from best pedigrees, hundreds of pictures, health information, showresults, juniorhandling, horoscope

Enchant OES

Best of the Old English sheepdog (Bobtail).

Crni Biser Sar-plannine

For more than 15 years, we have dedicated our lives to the Sarplaninac. The Sarplaninac is still today a very original breed which is still rather unknown. Our website is the first in Austria, which h

Cave of Gold

We are pensioners, live in a village about 40 km south of Vienna between the river Leitha and the Rosaliengebirge. We occupy a large house with a large garden. One of our adult daughters lives with us

Fila Brasileiro of the New World

Even though I sometimes wished otherwise we are two humans. We that is Viktoria and Richard. Viktoria’s work with animals is never done as she is a Veterinarian by education. I on the other hand

American Akita Dark Moonlight

American Akita Dark Moonlight

Dalmatinerheim von der Montforter Ebene

Dalmatian puppies from healthy, well-tempered animals. We practice responsible pet ownership, since 1986, with contact-based breeding. Even after the purchase, we offer assistance and are available fo

Von Amon Sul

I’m a dog trainer and Animal psychologist. I completed a course for Animal psychology for dogs, cats and horses at the ATN Institute (Switzerland) and also study Biology with focus on Ethology at th

Vom Lappwald Longcoated German Shepherds

Since 2004, we have been breeding shepherd dogs from performance lines and have been a member of RSV2000 since the resurgence of the long-haired shepherd dog in the VDH and the FCI.


Our small breeding, called MOONLIGHT BLACK BEAR, is located right in the middle of Austra where my Briards are enjoying their lifes together with us. We expect our first litter in early summer 2008 an

Touch of KiLau

Even as a child, my greatest desire was to share my life with a dog. Unfortunately, this idea did not appeal to my parents and it was always said “When you’re big”, I hope that I wou